Adlai 2019

The Adlai Stevenson Memorial APDA Tournament
March 29 - March 30, 2019
Princeton University

GA in McDonnell A02
Tab in Jadwin A10


2:00 Registration Opens
3:30 Registration Closes
3:45 APDA meeting
Drop Deadline
4:30 Round 1
5:30 Elections
6:30 Round 2
8:00 Round 3
9:15 Housing/Elections
8:45 Breakfast
9:30 Round 4
11:00 Round 5
12:30 Lunch
GEI Presentation
1:30 Octofinals
3:00 Quarterfinals
Novice Semifinals
4:30 Semifinals
Novice Finals
6:00 Finals
Friday Dinner Pizza
Saturday Breakfast Bagels
Saturday Lunch D'Angelo's Pasta

Campus Map

Directions from McDonnell A02 to

GA is located in McDonnell A02. Tab is located in Jadwin A10.

Interactive Princeton Map
Labeled Building Map

Tournament Housing

To be updated

These are preliminary room arrangements only! They will change after registration.

Room Arrangements

Tab Policy

Adlai is a motions tournament.

Please Contact the TDs with any questions prior to the start of Round 1.

Tab Policy     Tournament Info

Contact Us

For any immediate tournament-related questions, contact the TDs:

Tournament Directors
Jason (609) 865-6085
Kavya (281) 620-5918
Karthik (609) 375-7427

For any registration-related issues, contact us at:

Registration Points of Contact
Registration over
Facebook Messanger
Sam: (773) 677 6982
Problems with Registration Sam: (773) 677 6982
Miscellaneous Questions Karthik: (609) 375-7427

For any issues related to equity, contact our equity officers at:

Equity Officers Taleen: (703) 915 5999
Ellie: (612) 272 9145

For any questions on finances or team policies, contact the Officers:

PDP Officers
Administrative VP
Financial VP